Case Studies

Location: Rochester, NY



Because of their continued delight with Apex Window Films, this residential customer has had his residence filmed an additional five times since June of 2017. A total of 137 panes were filmed for various applications. To avoid glare and reduce the fading of valuable furniture and floors, Prestige 50 was applied in areas such as the living room and dining room. For privacy, Prestige 20 was applied to the bathroom and basement windows. For more privacy in the entry way, Night Vision 15 was applied to the entrance door sidelights.

The variety of 3M window films enabled this home owner to:

  • Reduce fading of wood floors and valuable furnishings
  • Prevent severe glare and hot spots
  • Provide privacy in select areas
  • Have confidence in their purchase. A warranty backed by 3M that is in affect as long as they reside in their residence.